Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.


Our “Just Cause” statements are our WHY, our noble purpose for being.  Our WHY comes from our past and is our WHY projected into the future.  It describes a future state in which our WHY has been realized.  It is 1) For Something, 2) Inclusive, 3) Service Oriented, 4) Resilient and 5) Idealistic.

  1. For Something - The Teen Center is for our teens and provides opportunities for success that are within reach for those teens that enter our Boys & Girls Club and aspire for success academically, character-wise and healthy lifestyles.

  2. Inclusive - The Teen Center is inclusive, inspiring all teens to make worthwhile contributions at the Club, through Club Service and Club engagement, and feel valued for it.

  3. Service Oriented - The Teen Center is service oriented, where the primary benefit for Club Service is for the gain and benefit of others, not ourselves. We exemplify this in good character and citizenship opportunities, such as engaging in community and Club service projects, modeling strong character.

  4. Resilient - The Teen Center is resilient, in that our mission and just causes are our primary focus: teen success through opportunities for academic, character, and healthy lifestyle choices.

  5. Idealistic - The Teen Center is idealistic, knowing that what we do is all about our Mission for every youth and teen that has walked, walks and will walk through our doors.