The Capacities Kids Need to Succeed:

The following summarizes our expectations and goals for young people.

  • Positive Self Identity
  • Educational, Employment, Social, Emotional, and Cultural Competencies
  • Community Involvement
  • Health, Fitness, and Well-Being
  • Moral Compass

Some of the Programs we offer:

Programs provide excellent opportunities for career exploration and educational advancement, while helping young people aspire to future success in their lives.

  • Prepare for College: Helping our teens to succeed and say I am going to college.
  • SMART moves: Intervention and prevention program that teaches youths to say no to negative influences and yes to live healthy lifestyles.
  • Tutoring and homework help in all school related subjects
  • Volunteering Opportunities: Teaching our youth about volunteering and the significance it can have on the community
  • Outreach Transportation. We pick up members from four different school districts using our youth passenger vans.
  • Environmental Projects: Collaboration with local businesses to help the planet and our environment while making partnerships in our community.